Rubber buffer - rubber bumper Type BT (waisted)

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    Diameter ta (mm)
    Height (H)
    Thread size (M)
    Thread length (mm)
    Thread depth (mm)
    Shore hardness °
    Rubber quality
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  • Metal material: steel zinc-plated, strength 5.6
  • Rubber material: NR natural rubber Shore A, color black
Special materials Rubber and metal on request

Shore A Hardening 40 ° - 85 ° in 5 ° steps

For the rubber material natural rubber Shore A 57 ° ± 5° is used as standard. This provides high elasticity and tear strength and is characterized by resistance to aging.
  • with one external and one internal thread
  • Tensile strength: 15-30 N / mm²
  • Tensile elongation: 100 - 600%
The waisted shape of the rubber-metal buffers of the type BT reduces high edge tensions of the rubber and thus prolongs the service life of the parts, machines and devices. In addition, they have a noise reduction effect.

Rubber buffers find their use as a resilient and stable shock and vibration damping for the shock absorption of sensitive devices. They are suitable for pressure and thrust loads for different vibration application areas. Thereby, e.g. Aggregates, motors, pumps in the field of light engineering and the electrical industry are protected within the load limits.
  • Cost-effective solution for elastic bearings
  • For vibration damping
  • Vibration reduction when installing sensitive equipment
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations
  • Noise-absorbing
  • Excellent damping of vibrations due to elastic properties
  • Extensive variants due to selectable sizes (diameter, height, thread size, thread length)
  • There is a solution for each application area
Due to the selectable thread sizes and lengths, a variety of different designs are available. We offer here the most common variants, but we would be glad to send you an offer for special designs:
Sketch rubber buffer waisted type BT

  • temperature resistant -30 ° C to + 80 ° C
  • Tensile strength: very good
  • Notched toughness: good
  • Abrasion resistance: good
  • Fracture: very good
  • Back-up resilience: high
  • Tear resistance: good
  • Cold Flexibility: good
  • electrical insulation: good
  • Gas permeability: low
  • Resistance to oxidation: good
  • Resistant to water: very good
  • Alkaline (50% NaOH at 50 ° C): good It is an inexpensive all-purpose natural rubber rubber with very good mechanical properties (elasticity, tensile strength, abrasion resistance).

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