Swivel foot - machine mount STFE 80-2-85 with anti-slip-plate

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  • Foot plate: stainless steel 1.4301 - AISI 304
  • Threaded spindle: stainless steel 1.4301 - AISI 304
  • Anti-slip-plate: rubber Elastomer 85° Shore A, thickness 2 mm

The austenitic and acid-resistant stainless steel 1.4301 - AISI 304 (also called V2A or 18/10 Cr-Ni steel) has a particularly low carbon content and is the most commonly used stainless steel. It is resistant to corrosion and has good mechanical properties.

The steel is resistant to oxidation, water, water vapor, humidity, food acids as well as weak organic and inorganic acids and is therefore easy to clean.

With the self-adhesive anti-slip plate made of special synthetic rubber, you achieve a non-slip installation of the machine or product. At the same time the floor is protected.

This swivel foot is also available in chrome plated steel.
Swivel feet respectively adjustable machine feet made of stainless steel are used particularly in areas where hygiene plays an important role. Moreover, its high-quality optics is highly appreciated.

The maintenance-free swivel foot is steplessly adjustable over the thread (depending on the spindle length) and tiltable to a certain degree, which simplifies precise assembly and alignment.

The adjustable angle of inclination of approx. 7.5 ° in each direction guarantees a stable and precise alignment of the machine.
  • Non-slip set-up due to self-adhesive anti-slip plate
  • Stepless height adjustment (depending on the length of the thread spindle) with maximum stability and low force expenditure
  • Compensation for ground irregularities without the need for expensive concrete foundations
  • Large hex key surfaces for easy height adjustment
  • Screwed connection between plate and spindle
The delivery of the swivel feet or machine mounts is completely assembled.
Sizes in stock and quickly available (please ask for special sizes) Swivel foot STFE80-2-85:

  • STFE80M8x50-2-85
  • STFE80M8x80-2-85
  • STFE80M8x100-2-85
  • STFE80M8x120-2-85
  • STFE80M8x150-2-85
  • STFE80M8x180-2-85
  • STFE80M8x200-2-85
  • STFE80M8x250-2-85
  • STFE80M8x300-2-85
  • STFE80M10x50-2-85
  • STFE80M10x80-2-85
  • STFE80M10x100-2-85
  • STFE80M10x120-2-85
  • STFE80M10x150-2-85
  • STFE80M10x180-2-85
  • STFE80M10x200-2-85
  • STFE80M10x250-2-85
  • STFE80M10x300-2-85
  • STFE80M12x50-2-85
  • STFE80M12x80-2-85
  • STFE80M12x100-2-85
  • STFE80M12x120-2-85
  • STFE80M12x150-2-85
  • STFE80M12x180-2-85
  • STFE80M12x200-2-85
  • STFE80M12x250-2-85
  • STFE80M12x300-2-85
  • STFE80M14x50-2-85
  • STFE80M14x80-2-85
  • STFE80M14x100-2-85
  • STFE80M14x120-2-85
  • STFE80M14x150-2-85
  • STFE80M14x180-2-85
  • STFE80M14x200-2-85
  • STFE80M14x250-2-85
  • STFE80M14x300-2-85
  • STFE80M16x50-2-85
  • STFE80M16x80-2-85
  • STFE80M16x100-2-85
  • STFE80M16x120-2-85
  • STFE80M16x150-2-85
  • STFE80M16x180-2-85
  • STFE80M16x200-2-85
  • STFE80M16x250-2-85
  • STFE80M16x300-2-85
  • STFE80M20x50-2-85
  • STFE80M20x80-2-85
  • STFE80M20x100-2-85
  • STFE80M20x120-2-85
  • STFE80M20x150-2-85
  • STFE80M20x180-2-85
  • STFE80M20x200-2-85
  • STFE80M20x250-2-85
  • STFE80M20x300-2-85
  • STFE80M24x50-2-85
  • STFE80M24x80-2-85
  • STFE80M24x100-2-85
  • STFE80M24x120-2-85
  • STFE80M24x150-2-85
  • STFE80M24x180-2-85
  • STFE80M24x200-2-85
  • STFE80M24x250-2-85
  • STFE80M24x300-2-85
  • STFE80M30x50-2-85
  • STFE80M30x80-2-85
  • STFE80M30x100-2-85
  • STFE80M30x120-2-85
  • STFE80M30x150-2-85
  • STFE80M30x180-2-85
  • STFE80M30x200-2-85
  • STFE80M30x250-2-85
  • STFE80M30x300-2-85

Technical Details

Ø D 80 mm
H1 6 mm
H2 33 mm
H 83 mm
Schlüsselweite | wrench size 17 mm
max. Belastung | max load 2,000 kg

Notice: The max. static load value refers to the foot plate. If you have any questions about the load on the foot plates or spindles, please feel free to contact our technical support.

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Suitable for all applications.

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